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wow they really did adapt frozen well



→ Tywin shielding Tommen

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But isn’t Dr. Chilton a major part of the Thomas Harris books upon which the series is based? Although Fuller acknowledges he’s messing with the history, he could still have a few tricks up his sleeve. “As far as canon goes, I wouldn’t put it past me to have [Chilton] show up looking like Ed Harris in History of Violence in Season 3 or 4,” Fuller says with a laugh. “I love Raul and I love what he brings to the atmosphere of the show. Serpico survived a shot to the face! That’s not exactly where we’re going, but I would never count out Dr. Chilton.”

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This sounds awfully much like there not being any Freddyboy for at least the rest of this season, even if he’s alive :<

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I just picture Bryan Fuller and the Hannibal writers watching Twitter and Tumblr explode after each episode and just laughing in their flower crowns.


It’s him.

i will never get over this 

I will never forgive Miriam Lass, regardless of how this turns out.

Is it awful that I was completely fine with Beverly Katz’s death because I felt it added a certain weight and urgency to the story, but was upset that Abel Gideon died and there is a possibility the Dr. Chilton is dead as well?

I’m hoping that Chilton just gets hospitalized and it’s what fuels his complete hatred of Hannibal in Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs episodes in later seasons. Seems a shame to kill off a character that is so prominent in the novels especially if the show is supposed to be canonical. 

I loved Beverly, don’t get me wrong, but Katz wasn’t as big of a player in the novels as Chilton was. So, if Frederick is dead, I hope Bryan Fuller has a damn good plan for future seasons. 


Ok, so possible trigger warning for Chilton lovers over the pictures in this post. But look here, possible evidence that Chilton may not be dead! I screencapped the scene, and as you can see in the first one, the shot came out below his hairline around his neck. And that’s reinforced in the second shot where like, you don’t see a gaping gun shot wound higher up like at all.

And then the third shot, where you see it went in through his cheek, so it went in angled down, not up. So really, as long as it didn’t damage his spine, I don’t see him being dead.

Plus y’know, his eyes are closed, so I dunno, but usually when your shot dead your eyes don’t close, but they would if the shot knocked him out as well.